Introducing the Meme Depot Bounties Program

Introducing the Meme Depot Bounties Program

We’re excited to launch the Meme Depot Bounties Program, an opportunity to win a custom Meme Depot-wrapped PS5 or equal value in ETH as well as 100,000 Meme Depot points! What’s great is that even if you don’t win, anyone who participates will get a ton of Meme Depot points for uploading memes. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Starting today, we’ll announce the 3 bounties. These bounties will be a range of topics, brands, celebrity or internet moments that have been widely memed.
  • The first week's selections are Elon, Ansem and Down Bad. 
    • Elon the chief meme officer for X
    • Ansem Wif’s favorite champion and shit poster 
    • Down Bad When you’ve bought every meme coin and your portfolio is still down 98 percent
  • You have the following Friday at 11:59pm ET to submit your Depot with the absolute best memes out there.
  • Submit your Depot via this Typeform along with your email for us to contact you if you're crowned the winner.
  • Winners will be announced the following week from the official Meme Depot twitter account. 

What are we looking for?

 Your best work in curating depots with the best memes!

Our very own council of meme-gens will be tasked with grading submissions on:

  • Amount of memes added
  • Quality of memes
  • How many views
  • How many passes are sold
  • And more!

This is a great shot at racking up points lightning fast! Good luck and bring the memes!

Make sure to have notifications on for the Meme Depot Twitter so you don’t miss next week's bounties selection!

And remember to submit your Depots via the Typeform link here

Note: If you are afraid you might forget to submit your Depot. Don’t worry! You can submit your Depot Bounty at any time during the week. We will only review and select the winners once the submission deadline has passed.

If you’d like to submit a topic for a future Depot Bounty, shoot us an email at

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