Introducing Meme Depot

Today we’re excited to unveil Meme Depot, your new home for memes

Introducing Meme Depot

Today we’re excited to unveil Meme Depot, your new home for memes, or as I like to describe it, your meme folder on crack. Meme Depot hosts all of your gifs, videos, copypasta, and JPEGs in one product that feels like a combo of Subreddits and Pinterest. 

Meme Depot is currently invite-only. Every early user gets 10 codes to invite friends.

Before we jump into the product and highlight some exciting features, I want to give the context of how we got here.

Quick Backstory

Originally, Meme Depot was built to solve my personal pain point. Last summer, I was working with two team members in-person and wanted to show them a funny Goblintown meme that Jon Macapodi had made. They expectantly watched me try to find it as I searched through both my phone and computer, even asking Jon who also couldn’t find it. In the end, I had to scroll back through my social posts, wasting way more time than I should have. 

The next day I complained about the experience and Alyssa Surowiec (known to the community as Wirelyss) threw out the idea of building something in the cloud that felt like Pinterest for meme folders. This way you could access your most-used memes anywhere and find them quickly. After working on the MVP for a week, it didn’t take long to realize we were onto something. I haven’t gone a day without using Meme Depot since.

Meme Depot is a much-needed product in a growing industry that we’re calling “Meme Tech.” Building in the Meme Tech category makes sense because Goblintown’s early success was fueled by the community’s memes. Over the past two years living in the meme swamp, I’ve become convinced that memes and software for memes are about to become a much bigger industry. 

Without a doubt, memes are becoming a universal language. Memes are shared on every social platform: Facebook, X, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, family group chats, company Slack channels, marketing messages, celebrity feuds, etc. But if you google the market size of the meme industry, the projected value is expected to be $6.1B in 2025. This makes no sense when one meme coin (like $PEPE) has nearly that value as a market cap. Given how memes drive culture, politics, and entertainment, I’d be so bold to say that the true market size is at least 100x in size.

Memes are the building blocks of culture and culture drives entertainment. Our ambition at Truth Arts is to be an entertainment and technology company building immersive worlds. Building and owning the biggest database and distribution channel of memes is right in the bullseye of what matters to us. 

What is Meme Depot for? 

The core utility of Meme Depot is to build meme folders that you can search and access from any device. You can build meme folders, called Depots, for your go-to memes, or you can make Depots for internet moments, celebrities, brands, communities, moods, or really anything you want. Our AI tool adds tags to the memes so you can find them easily and you can add your own tags and titles to make searching seamless. 

But there’s more to Meme Depot than this. 

One of the most exciting parts about Meme Depot is that you get points for making Depots, uploading memes, sharing memes, saving memes, participating in the Meme Party, and more. The more points you collect, the more visibility you get on the Meme Depot homepage, the higher you rank on the leaderboard, and the more bragging rights you get. Points are a way to get rewarded for your part in building the biggest database of memes on the internet. 

Another way to get the most out of Meme Depot is to buy Depot Passes. Holding a Pass grants you access to the inner sanctum of the Depot, which we call the Meme Party. When you are in the Meme Party you can communicate with other passholders using your cursor in an ephemeral chat. A cool little feature we have implemented is that the more passes you hold of a Depot, the bigger your cursor is there. Depot Pass Whale Alert!

Depot Passes work on a bonding curve and the first one is free for the Depot Owner. After that, they start at about ~19 cents (in ETH at current USD/ETH exchange) and scale up. You can buy an unlimited amount of Passes. Depot Creators can opt to not enable Passes, but there are perks to having them enabled including more visibility and a percentage of Depot Pass fees. As the Depot creator and owner, you get 5% on every Pass that is sold from your Depot. 

How Do I Get Started on Meme Depot?

Your first step is to go to and set up your account by choosing your handle. Meme Depot works both on web and mobile web. For mobile, we recommend using Chrome or Safari. Eventually we will recommend that you use the PWA (programmable web app) by clicking share and Add to Home Screen but the experience isn’t the cleanest yet. Once your account is live, you can start making Depots. 

Depots can be private or public to three varying degrees. Private is only visible to you, and the public settings determine who can contribute to the Depot. 

  • View-Only: Viewable by all. Can only be modified by the Depot owner.
  • Moderated: Viewable by all. Contributions require Depot owner's approval before becoming publicly visible.
  • Open: Everyone can see and contribute to the Depot.

We recommend setting it to Moderated, as it gives you the best of both worlds. You have control over what ends up in the Depot, but people can contribute to it with the Depot owner’s final approval.

Once your Depot is made, you can add memes three different ways: 

  • Bulk upload: Have a dumb meme folder sitting somewhere on your desktop or phone? Drag it into Meme Depot to upload it all at once 
  • Copy and Paste: Paste an image or URL directly
  • Import from Twitter / X: Link your Twitter / X account to import memes

If you post a lot of memes on Twitter, the Twitter import feature is the best way to get all of your memes into your Depot at once. 

Once you upload a meme, you’ll see that our AI tools extracted any words in the images and added tags. 

  • You can also give titles and tags to the memes you upload
  • We recommend spending some time adding tags and giving it a title so you can find what you are looking for more easily

Now your Depot is ready to use. You can easily copy any meme to your clipboard and share in seconds. 

There is a lot more coming, but these are the core features today. If there’s something for memes that you wish existed, let us know. We’re going to be adding way more tools to help make memes and discover what’s trending. 

Meme Depot is officially rolling out today in an invite-only beta.

Remember, every user gets 10 codes to invite friends. Both the referrer and the referee get points when a code is used, so make sure your codes get redeemed to collect max points. 

We have a lot planned for Meme Depot. If you love it or if you hate it, let us know. Drop us a line at and follow us on Twitter at @MemeDepot.

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