Introducing Portals: Future-Proofing Our NFT Collections

We’re convinced that the future of NFTs is multi-chain... that's why we made Portals

Introducing Portals: Future-Proofing Our NFT Collections

At Truth Arts, we’re convinced that the future of NFTs is multi-chain. To future-proof our NFT collections for years to come, we’re excited to roll out Portals, our new platform that gives you the ability to bridge your Goblintown or Illuminati NFT to several supported chains.

Starting today, you can bridge to Arbitrum, Base, Blast, Optimism, Polygon, and obviously Ethereum. Solana will be coming shortly. Thanks to the amazing team at LayerZero who have made this possible. 

Why are multi-chain NFTs inevitable? 

I’m confident that at some date in the future we will look back in shock that there was ever a time when NFT interoperability across chains wasn’t the default. To imagine how crazy that will sound, imagine if a movie or tv show could only be released on one distribution channel. Meaning, once it was released on VHS, it couldn’t be updated for DVDs and then streaming platforms. Sticking to one distribution channel would mean that the success of the IP relies on the success of the distribution, so when VHS stopped being a thing, the IP would have died there. Of course, updating distribution channels is essential to an IP’s survival. That’s how Disney and other generational IP brands have stood the test of time.

What is Portals?

Instead of just making a temporary bandaid and moving Truth NFTs to the new popular chain every few months, we wanted to make a more lasting solution. Putting our minds together internally, we thought up a way for holders to have ultimate flexibility and move their NFTs to whatever chain they wanted. 

That solution is Portals. You can go to and connect your wallet to see your Truth assets (starting with Goblins and Illuminatis) and choose which you would like to move. Then you can select the chain you would like to move your NFT(s) to, pay any gas fees, and portal it over. There is also a place on where you can see all the locations of all Gobs and Mids at any given time. 

In doing so, Truth doesn’t become a maxi to one chain, because each holder gets to choose what chain they want their NFTs to be on. Basically, there are only a certain amount of goblins or mids that exist and you can buy and sell them on any chain they are available. You could even argue this now makes us one of the most decentralized NFT collections of all time!

Being able to move Truth NFTs to other chains is something the community has been requesting for some time and we’re excited to give the community that flexibility, all while future-proofing our collection for years to come. Community members are now able to optimize for liquidity, airdrops, allocations, and allow lists across any chain.

To kick off Portals, we’re featuring and promoting holders to move over to Blast L2. While Blast Gold farming is coming to an end in a few days, there is still the ability to earn Blast Gold, win one of the final Blast Jackpots, and more coming with Season 2 on Blast. 

In the future, we’re excited to continue to bring offers from new chains, teams, and protocols to move chains to collect rewards. 

Finally, if you’re a project and are interested in getting your community using Portals, please don’t hesitate to reach out using this form


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