Action Required: Truth Arts NFT Burn

For people who participated in the Truth Arts NFT burn before the cap was reached, this blog serves as a reminder of several steps that you must take in order to remain eligible for the burn experience.

1. You must click “Join sharedrop” on the Truth Sharedrop Campaign on Republic

  • This requires you to actually navigate to the Truth Page and press “Join sharedrop” as highlighted in the screenshot below 

2. If you previously clicked “Join Sharedrop,” you need to reconfirm your participation. 

  • You received an email that looks like the below to the email address that you signed up with for Republic. Please reconfirm participation at the link in the email. 
  • The email came from - check your spam

3. You must complete the KYC process on your Republic account

If these actions are not completed, you will be ineligible for the burn and your NFTs will be returned to you. Please ensure you complete these actions by March 27th.

With any questions, please email

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